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Medical Waste Autoclave Unit

A relocatable unit accommodating Medical Waste Autoclave (MWA),designed for small, medium and large scale hospitals. This units is a collaboration based product ,together with “Tuttnauer” a worldwide leading manufacturer of sterilization and infection control machines, in order to allow any health care facility a comprehensive responsibility of the in house produced bio hazard (bio–medical) waste without dependency on outsourced services and with fulfillment of international codes.

  • This solution is an easy on–site installation which removes the transportation of waste to an external treatment facility
  • Chemical free process
  • Clean and environmentally safe technology
  • Sterilized medical waste can be transferred to the general municipal waste treatment area or can be buried as landfilled
These MWA Modular unit can be supplied in 10 variable models with different waste volume capacities (250 liter–1300 liter ).

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Medical Waste Autoclave Modular Unit

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