Projects / MRI center JĒKABPILS, Latvia

MRI center JĒKABPILS, Latvia


Total area – 135m²

Realization time – 3 month

Opened 2015, October 8  

The MRI center is located on territory of Jēkabpils Regional Hospital.  

Project involved best foreign designers from Israel who specialize in the designing of medical institutions. This modern modular building with the Siemens Essenza (1,5 T) MR device has an outstanding sound and electromagnetic field isolation.


Head of SIA Forta Medical Ermīns Sniedze explained that modular construction differs from the construction of usual buildings with the fact that the biggest amount of work is done in the manufacturing unit of the company. „Factory also produces modules with full internal design, therefore only basic construction works and assembling of the module is necessary on the spot in the construction object, also façade trimming works must be done. Besides this method allows controlling quality of work and secures up to 70 percent faster realization,” explained E. Sniedze.

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